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Shaar Family Capital Campaign

$12,000,000 Campaign Goal


Our Goal

The Shaar Family Capital Campaign is a collective effort to secure our home and our future.
Nearly a century ago, we laid the cornerstone of our majestic and iconic building. Present-day standards and regulations demand immediate intervention to repair and restore parts of our aging building. Moreover, in this rapidly changing world, we are challenged with keeping our members engaged and attracting new ones.
The Shaar Family Capital Campaign raises the funds needed to repair our building’s infrastructure, transform some important spaces, and enhance our programs for Jewish life and learning.
Our overriding goal is to make our synagogue a strong, vibrant, and innovative place. The Shaar is our home and it is our collective responsibility to take care of it.
Our campaign goal is to raise $12 million.


Watch our House Committee discuss plans to renovate and upgrade the facility.


Watch our members share their personal Shaar stories.

It Must Be Done, It Cannot Wait

Our nearly 100-year-old building needs major, costly repairs. Your support of the Shaar Family Capital Campaign will help us with these costs. Here are a few examples of projects to be completed:

Ventilation, air conditioning, and controls: $1,650,000
The current system is almost 50 years old, some of it even older, and no longer conforms to environmental laws. It does not function properly and must be replaced before it fails completely. A new system will increase comfort throughout the building and will be substantially more cost efficient.

Roofing: $250,000
A full study of our 36 roofs found them in varying stages of disrepair, and a multi-phase plan has been instituted in order to move forward with the repairs. Included will be the maintenance of our beautiful copper domes.

Sanctuary windows and walls: $150,000
Our beautiful woodwork windows have weathered and deteriorated. Water infiltration has damaged the interior walls and degraded the Hebrew lettering around the periphery. We must carry out these repairs in respect of the spirituality and holiness of the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary balcony: $250,000
Our balcony is in dire need of repair. This will include more comfortable seating, improved lines of sight, and refurbished washrooms.

Progress Highlights

We installed a state-of-the-art fire alarm system consisting of new fire panels, smoke detectors, pull stations, fire bells, and strobe lights.
We replaced the roof over Lande Hall, as per our ongoing roof replacement schedule.
We replaced the incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs throughout the building, and in the Main Sanctuary we replaced the bulbs in the recessed light fixtures with LEDs.
We inspected and repaired the precast panels (exterior façade) on the parts of the building that were built in 1967.
We installed a new chiller and control system to improve comfort and climate control throughout our building all year round

Our Leaders Behind the Scenes

Our campaign is chaired by Michael Cape, who leads a dedicated team of seasoned fundraisers.
Our House Committee is chaired by Bruce Vineberg and comprised of industry professionals.

Your support goes a long way

Please support the Shaar Family Capital Campaign; a collective effort to secure our home. This very important campaign is off to a good start, but we still have a long way to go. As part of our Shaar family, we know we can count on you.
Contact Penni Kolb, Executive Director, 514-937-9474 ext. 133.
Monday, June 17, 2024 11 Sivan 5784