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“Dearer to God than all of the Israelites who stood at Mount Sinai is the convert. Had the Israelites not witnessed the lightning, thunder, and quaking mountain, and had they not heard the sounds of the shofar, they would not have accepted the Torah. But the convert, who did not see or hear any of these things, surrendered to God and accepted the yoke of heaven. Can anyone be dearer to God than such a person?” (Tanhuma, Lech Lecha 6:32)


In Jewish thought, a person who chooses to convert to Judaism is considered a holy individual. Our Shaar community welcomes and supports those who are interested in exploring conversion to Judaism; we encourage those who are interested in Judaism to attend our services and lectures and to take part in our community’s activities.
In addition, our rabbi provides support and guidance for parents who wish for their minor children to convert.


For more information about becoming a “Jew by Choice”, contact the Rabbi’s office, Tel. 514-937-9474 ext. 143.
Sunday, July 14, 2024 8 Tammuz 5784