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Shabbat Activitites

Educational and playful youth group activities

Throughout the year, we celebrate together – at social events, holidays, and special milestones. Shabbat mornings are even more special thanks to youth group activities that are both playful and educational.

Shabbat Morning Youth Groups

Tot Shabbat (age 2 through Kindergarten)
Rock Shabbat (Grades 1 – 4)
Led by dynamic young educators, Shabbat morning youth groups at the Shaar are a chance for children to become part of their own Shabbat community. Games, songs, and Tefillot bring the Shabbat spirit alive for children ages 2 through Bar and Bat Mitzvah.
Read our  Tot Shabbat FAQ!

Shabbat morning schedule

10:30 AM – Shabbat groups begin
11:00 AM – Circle time for Tot Shabbat; Tefillah and discussion for Rock Shabbat
11:45 AM – Children are escorted into the sanctuary for the last few minutes of services.

Children’s Siddurim

Our Tot Shabbat group uses Siddur M’Breishit, which is just the right size for little hands, and has beautifully illustrated pages with brief tefillot.
Our Rock Shabbat group uses Artscroll Children’s Siddur, which allows early readers to engage with the complete Hebrew and English text as well as brief comments on specific prayer passages.

Shabbat in the Park

Join Maharat Rachel and the Shaar family every summer Shabbat afternoon (weather and Eruv permitting)
4:00 PM at Murray Hill Park near the swings
Ages 5 & under – Shabbat Singing Circle with Maharat Rachel
Grades 1 – 6 – Games and sports led by Shaar teens

To learn more about Shabbat activities, please get in touch with Maharat Rachel Kohl Finegold:

Tel. 514-937-9474 ext. 174
Friday, August 17, 2018 6 Elul 5778