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Tuesday Night Learning

Come and hear, Come and learn


The crown jewel of community learning at the Shaar is our Tuesday Night Learning series, held in the fall and spring.

The theme of Tuesday Night Learning is Ta Shma, which is an Aramaic phrase commonly found in the Talmud. The phrase literally means ‘come learn’.

Ta Shma with our dynamic and inspiring local presenters who represent the wealth of knowledge found in our Montreal Jewish community.
Ta Shma with our guest presenters who are leading figures in the contemporary study of Jewish thought and ideas.
Our program of excellence builds upon the foundation established by our previous semesters and by the many years of Jewish scholarship in our congregation.
Each evening presents multiple options for classes, and participants choose the classes that best fit their areas of interest.
Throughout this series of lectures, we invite you to participate and engage in a meaningful journey of Jewish knowledge and identity. Become inspired by the vibrant intellectual and spiritual conversation within our diverse Jewish community.


Rabbi’s Office Tel. 514-937-9474 ext. 143
Monday, October 18, 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782