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Some positivity for parents in the time of a pandemic
Message from Rabba Rachel
Parenting wins (Real parents share successes)
Besorot Tovot (Good news)

Dear Shaar Young Families, 

Lag Ba'omer, which falls this Tuesday, is one of those Jewish holidays that's not quite a holiday, and it’s also not always understood. During the time of the Omer, we are in a period of semi-mourning, related to the plague that struck the students of Rabbi Akiva. (Somehow, this year, a plague is something we can relate to.) The most important lesson that the Jewish sages learned from this plague was the importance of loving and caring for one another, something that Rabbi Akiva’s students failed to implement in their own lives. This is a time for reminding ourselves of our interconnectedness, and our responsibilities toward one another. Lag Ba’Omer is a day of joy and celebration. You can read more here.


What's most compelling about Lag Ba’Omer is the way it has been expressed most fully in Israel, as an "outdoorsy" sort of day, filled with bonfires, picnics, and BBQs. Maybe this year, we can use it as a reminder of the lure of the great outdoors. Even on the days are not quite warm enough for long hours outside, we can create the outdoors right in our own homes - bring out a pile of blankets and have the kids help you drape them across the furniture. There's nothing like a homemade fort to inspire all kinds of family fun. Maybe you can roast marshmallows (on a fire or the stove, who cares!?) or tell late-night stories by flashlight. During these days of social distancing, home-made fun is what we've got. And for kids, honestly, that's plenty. Look around the house and see what kind of magic you can create. You'll enjoy it too!


Wishing you a peaceful and delightful week,

Rabba Rachel




Morning Gratitude 
with Rabba Rachel

MondayFriday at 9:00 AM
For ages 2-6 and their grownups

A wonderful way for the youngest members of our Shaar family to stay connected through prayers, songs, stories, and sometimes a surprise guest.


We will not meet on Monday, May 18, Victoria Day.

E-mail us for Morning Gratitude Zoom link
              Does your child have a birthday coming up?
Email Rabba Rachel in advance, and she will include it in the Morning Gratitude session by singing Happy Birthday and celebrating together!
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Elementary Schoolers


In honour of Lag Ba’Omer, do something new and different outside – fly a kite! Follow this easy method for how to make a kite out of a single sheet of paper. Your big kid will be so proud to fly a kite that she made on her own!


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Pictionary's first mobile app lets you sketch on the go | VentureBeat              
  Zoom Pictionary
Wednesday, May 13
6:30-7:30 PM

Come show off your art skills with a game of "ZOOM Pictionary"! Whether you are Bob Ross or can only draw stick figures, this game is for you!


Open to all teens in grades 7 and up.


E-mail Eliana Rohr, Shaar NCSY Chapter advisor

for Zoom link


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Parenting wins 
Real parents share real successes


We got our kids involved in the “fun” cleaning chores. Their number one pick is to wash the cars. It's amazing how some soap and a power washer can get he kids outside and having fun! - Cindy

I asked my daughter to go to the cupboards and pick out some snacks. Then, we grabbed a blanket and had a little outdoor picnic with her favourite stuffies. Easy! - Jess

To share your parenting “win”, large or small, email Rabba Rachel.

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Besorot Tovot (Good News)
Something to lift your spirits!

Young cancer patient boosts spirits of Montreal Children's Hospital staff — one candy at a time

When this 10-year-old found out the dépanneur at the Montreal Children's Hospital was closed due to COVID-19, she decided to start her own candy store — from her hospital bed. READ MORE


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Saturday, May 30, 2020 7 Sivan 5780