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Welcome to Netivot

Experiential Jewish Learning for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6



For more information, please contact: 


Sari Wiesenthal-Shore

Director of Netivot

514.937.9474 ext. 142


Maharat Rachel Kohl Finegold

Director of Education and Spirtual Enrichment

514.937.9474 ext. 174



Netivot offers an engaging environment of experiential Jewish learning and inspires students to embrace the values of social justice, communal responsibility, and Jewish peoplehood in the context of Jewish knowledge. By learning, discussing, experimenting, and working on theme-based projects, we instill in our students a connection to Jewish traditions and a love of Jewish life.


Our experiential learning program is rooted in three components, giving each Netivot child a chance to connect with Jewish knowledge, life, and community. By engaging our students’ minds, hearts, and natural desire to act, we create a safe place for each child to experiment with and establish his/her own Jewish identity. We do this by holistically engaging each student in the following three domains:


1. THE HEAD: Expanding Jewish Knowledge by building skills and literacy as seeds to life-long Jewish learning.


2. THE HEART: Igniting Jewish Pride by developing a passion for and personal connection to Jewish life.


3. THE HANDS: Taking Jewish Action by engaging in social justice and tzedakah as an expression of Jewish values. Our unit-based projects will fuse Jewish knowledge with Jewish passion to create Jewish action.


Each year, we learn about Jewish life through the lens of different Jewish values. Each unit (spanning 4-6 weeks) shines new light on Jewish holidays, traditions, texts, and prayer as the students create a theme-based project designed to promote meaningful understanding and create an opportunity to give. This years’ unit values are:

  • Welcoming Guests (Hachnasat Orchim)
  • Kindness (Chesed)
  • Responsibility (Achrayut)
  • Giving and Giving to Those in Need (Netina and Tzedakah)
  • Leadership (Manhigut)
  • Courage and Strength of Heart (Gvurah and Ometz Lev)

We also offer exciting activities and events, including a Netivot Shabbat service, a model Passover Seder, a scavenger hunt, Hebrew active games, community building activities, music, and more.


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