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N’ilah - The Closing Moments of Yom Kippur

September 28


Live-streamed from the Main Sanctuary. Join us as we share the closing moments of Yom Kippur together as a community. Avinu Malkeinu, Chassidic Kaddish, O Canada, Hatikvah and the final T’ki’ah G’dolah.


The Yizkor Experience

Sunday, September 27


Remember your loved ones as we bring the Shaar’s Yizkor Service home to you. Watch our pre-recorded video and download the printable file containing the Yizkor memorial prayers.


The Kol Nidrei Experience

Sunday, September 27


The holiest night of our year. This pre-recorded video highlights Kol Nidrei, Shehechayanu, Eil Melech Yosheiv, Hu Ya'aneinu, and the ethereal Adon Olam that brings the service to its conclusion.  

The Rosh Hashanah Experience

Friday, September 18


Experience Rosh Hashanah at the Shaar like never before. Highlights of this 55 minute video include Untaneh Tokef, B’Rosh Hashanah, Havein Yakir Li, and the blowing of the Shofar


Thursday, October 22, 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781