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A New Kensington Entrance

07/25/2019 03:46:09 PM




Almost 100 years ago, our beautiful and majestic synagogue was built, and it has continued to be a testament to the strength and devotion of our congregation ever since. Thanks to its unique architecture and rich history of religious practice in Montreal, it has been recognized as a Heritage building by the Quebec government. As the need for repairs and modifications has grown, we have instituted a multi-stage plan to preserve as much of the original architecture and its historic and cultural significance as possible while ensuring that the building meets our members’ needs. One important step was to improve the accessibility of the building, and several months ago we moved forward with renovations on the Kensington Avenue entrance. The stonework, made of materials matching the original stone, has now been finished and will soon be supplemented with elegant bronze railings surrounded by rich vegetation and landscaping.


As a synagogue and community centre, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that all who wish to join us can, and ensuring access to a wider range of people is vital in achieving that goal. Featuring broad steps and a gently sloping ramp, the new entrance was designed with comfort and ease in mind. “Public buildings should be accessible to the physically handicapped,” stressed Peter Jacobs, chair of the Architectural Committee. The hope is to eventually renovate the Metcalfe entrance in pursuit of the same goal.


Every decision in the process carefully considered the architectural significance and style of the building, as explained by landscape architect, Sophie Robitaille. The design of the stairs and ramp correspond with the original entrance, reflecting the style of the original design. Although it is not quite complete, we are certain that the structure’s elegance will remain preserved while ensuring that everyone can enjoy it. We are proud to have made this step towards universal accessibility.  


Friday, June 18, 2021 8 Tammuz 5781