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Purim Wrap-up


Though Purim has passed, we’re still going through our recently rediscovered treasure trove of Purim pictures! To wrap-up our Purim content for this year, featured this week is the cast photograph from the 1938 Purimspiel entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Hamantash.”


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Photograph donated by Marjorie Kirsch


The following was written about the Purimspiel in the March 25, 1938, edition of the Shaar’s bulletin:


Over 400 pupils and parents came together last Sunday morning for the Purim Celebration of our Religious School. The celebration took place in the Synagogue Auditorium.

The gathering was made welcome by Dr. H. Abramowitz, who spoke a few words of Purim greeting. It was announced that the total of Shalach Monos Baskets sent out by the School had been increased to thirty-three. The Women’s Auxiliary Society, and a small local social group were thanked for adding their contributions to the baskets.


“The Fall and Rise of the Hamantash”, a Purim Operetta in two acts, under the direction of Mr. S. Lerner, featured the celebration. The characters of the Book of Esther were portrayed by Horace Baittle, Meta Levin, Leslie Brodkin, Harold Finestone and Anita Elkin. The Hamantash was Peter Bronfman.


Others who participated were Sybil Freedman, Zipporah Batshaw, David Marshall, Judith Marshall, Billy Levy, Katherine Silver, Charles Bronfman, Edward Bronfman, Trevor Fineberg, Burril Fine, Donald Kirk, Allan Kirsch, Edgar Leibovich, David Robinson, Natalie Raginsky, Carmel Schwartz, Herbert Siblin, Lillian Brown, Florence Gersovitz, Beatrice Kirsch, Marguerite Kirsch, Naomi Pressman, Merle Rosenthal, Phyllis Sabbath, Vivian Zacks, Ronald Burg, Sidney Aronson, Barbara Flanders, Jerrold Fineberg, Eugene Gordon, Paul Gordon, Reva Leibovich, Edward Levinson, Shirley Levitt, Seymour Pressman, Renee Raginsky, Judith Rothbart, Eli Solomon, Fred Solomon, Alvin Shiller, Martin Taub, Arthur Victor. 


The music was provided by Mrs. M. N. Fineberg. Victor Goldbloom was Stage Manager.

Special thanks are due to Mrs. Philip Levy, who assisted with the make-up and costuming; to the Hebrew Ladies Sewing Society, who kindly lent a hand in making the costumes; and also to Mr. T. Price and his assistant, Mr. Bert Lovering, for cheerful co-operation.


The celebration concluded with the Purim Treat distributed to the pupils of the School by our Women’s Auxiliary Society. 

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