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Investigating the 1922 Cornerstone


Following the unexpected dislodging of a time capsule from the 1967 cornerstone during construction on the Côte-Saint-Antoine plaza, we decided to act proactively and have the 1922 cornerstone of the building scanned.



With the help of Radex who scanned the stone, we made the following exciting discovery: there is a metal tube centered in the 1922 cornerstone, indicating there is a more than 90% chance of something having been placed there. Given that it is a metal tube, the likelihood is quite high that this is yet another time capsule!


To gain a better read on the stone, the technician asked to scan the cornerstone from the building’s interior. Given the synagogue’s many renovations and expansions over the years, we pulled out the synagogue’s many architectural drawings and plans to investigate further.




If there is indeed a time capsule, we will be taking additional steps to carefully remove and open the 1922 cornerstone so that the time capsule itself can be opened in time for our upcoming re-dedication of the sanctuary on September 17th of this year. Stay tuned as we continue our research…

Monday, June 17, 2024 11 Sivan 5784